Tuesday, November 4, 2014

OpenVMS got a new life

Well, it is an old news actually, but still new to me. I was not reading the OpenVMS news group for awhile. When one day I have some free time, I read it, and found this interesting news:

On July 31, 2014, HP and VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) announced, VSI has entered into a license agreement with HP to develop and release future versions of OpenVMS and most OpenVMS layered products (OpenVMS eco-system).

I have a hobby license (VAX/OpenVMS) and run a small installation through SIMH simulator, but I have not boot it up for quite a while, I hope I could still remember the administrator's password ^_^. My interest of this OS comes from my university days, when all students use the VAX/OpenVMS system for email or some school assignments. I thought it is so much better than the DOS used in the PC, but unfortunately there is no PC version. But then DEC was bought by Compact then by HP, but it is not treated well over these new owners and HP put its future to doom until this announcement. I think HP make a big mistake for not doing any meaningful development on it and bet its future on the dying Itanium chip.

VSI seems re-united a few folks from the original DEC team and hope it will bring a much bright future for the 37 years old OS. It seems, there will be an x86 port of the OS. Not sure when it will be finished? Would it be available for the hobby program? We'll see what come out from VSI.
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