Thursday, May 9, 2013

Google Glass?

Google Glass seems grasp quite some attention.  From the limited information gathered, I don't see it an attractive gadget at all.

I am not speaking from technical points of view, like processor power, battery life, user interface, etc. but its usage point of view.

Maybe for some specific venues or activities, it could a good use, but not in general usage.  The display/notification from it disturb one's attention, it may danger your life, especially when you are driving or walking on the street, your attention got diverted and tragic accident would happen.  I could imagine there would be laws to ban usage of Google glass when driving if it could ever reach that kind of massive market.  Maybe Google should add a small radar into it to prevent collision ^_^

I am not sure how much would it affecting one's vision health when switching your eye focus back and forth from the display to background scene.  Would it have any bad effect on how the brain process vision?