Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Google Chrome and IPv6 literate address

I don't have an established IPv6 network, only a small LAN with 3 machines for occasional IPv6 testing. So only literate address is using, for my laziness, I gave the machines the addresses of 10:10::1/96,10:10::10/96 and 10:10::20/96 accordingly.

When I try to access the web server at URL http://[10:10:20], the address works fine with Firefox, but Chrome give me DNS error.  Why a literate address need DNS resolving?  Searching around, and found a very old bug report issue 39830, it seems Chrome could not recognise my IPv6 network and startup without IPv6 support at all.

After adding the flag "--enable-ipv6" to the command line, it works again. Chrome is too "smart" to work correctly on my network.
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