Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Code: Story of Linux documentary

The Code: Story of Linux documentary is a very nice documentary about Linux.  You will see the early days of Linux and young 'Linus' and all the important people for the development of it. ^_^

Monday, May 4, 2015

Building Ada promgramming enviroment for Slackware

Slackware has finally upgraded the system GCC to 4.9.2 in current. Here I presented my work to compile GPS using FSF's GCC 4.9.2. It is based on my previous attempt to build the environment with GCC 4.7.0. This time lots of things have changed, new GCC and GNAT GPL released and they make the attempt much more easier than previous one. GCC 5.1 has just been released, but Slackware use 4.9.2 in the current branch for now, so we stick with 4.9.2.

The Compiler

There is no need to change the build script any more, but we need some of the compiler internal files. So run the standard build script for GCC.


For this one, I am using the xmlada-for-gps-6.0.1-src.tgz from GNAT GPL 2014, in stead of xmlada-gpl-2014-src.tar.gz. They are almost exactly the same with minor changes.


I am using the gprbuild-gpl-2014-src.tar.gz. GPRbuild expected some support functions that are not in the FSF GNAT compiler. Namely the "GNAT.Rewrite_Data" package and some low level support functions in os_lib.c. I gather the missing functions from the GNAT GPL 2014 version and make up some packages for it. Then it builds without problem.


This GNAT Util Library provides access to GNAT compiler internals for AdaCore utilities. It makes the previous effort of trying to mimic what Debian do redundant. In the build script, the source and build directory of the GCC compiler needs to be specified for it to work correctly.
I am using the 4.9.1 one from the sourceforge project. For there is no 4.9.2 version and there are basically no differences for the generation of gnat_util.


With the standard gtkada-gpl-3.8.2-src.tgz, there is nothing special, it builds without problem. One may have to note that currently it does not support GL.


Aunit GPL 2014 also builds without too much problem.


GNATcoll compile without problem with some patches.


Oh, finally, we could build the IDE. It depends on pygobject3, which could be build using SlackBuilds.org's supply script.

Florist, ASIS, GNATMEM, Ahven

The rests are relatively easy and build fine with the build script. For gnatmem, we need to rebuild the binutils and specified the directory in gnatmem build script.

Other experimental scripts

I have tried to build the Ada-RM, GNAT RM, GNAT user guide to integrated with GPS, it seems working for me.

Where are the build scripts

All build scripts are available at GitHub.