Saturday, August 11, 2012

AdaTutor - Welcome

AdaTutor will make you an excellent Ada 95 programmer in minimum time.  You should be familiar with at least one other high-level language (Basic, C, Pascal, etc.)

Your Printed Course Notes and the Ada 95 Reference Manual

To get the most from AdaTutor, you should have a printed copy of the PRINTME.TXT file.  If you haven't already done so, please print that file now.

Please read your printed course notes through page 2 now.  Please read page 41 if you want to install AdaTutor on a non-PC computer, such as a workstation or a mainframe.

In addition to your printed course notes, we recommend (but don't require) that you have access to the Ada 95 Reference Manual, International Standard ANSI/ISO/IEC-8652:1995.  This volume is often called the Ada 95 RM.  It's available in hypertext form at AdaIC. Newer Ada standards (Ada 2005, Ada 2012) and other formats can be also be found at the AdaIC.

You may also find the Ada 95 RM in a public library, or perhaps in your company library.  If you can borrow this manual, you may legally copy it.  You can also buy the manual inexpensively.

Do I Need an Ada Compiler for This Course?

An Ada compiler is helpful, but not required.  As we go along, there will be six Outside Assignments; most of them ask you to write and compile a short Ada program.  If you don't have access to an Ada compiler, just skip the Outside Assignments.

You can download a free Ada compiler from

Beginners should also check out Ada Resources for Educators and Students at  This site has many useful links, organized into categories.

That's enough discussion of what's recommended for AdaTutor.  Let's begin!

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