Monday, April 27, 2015

A built in Javascript code beautifier in Firefox

From time to time, I need to look at Javascript code from some web site.  As most of the script files have been minimized to a form that is unreadable by human being.  A good Javascript code beautifier is needed. There are various tools I found in the web, some are local some are on the web. But sometime I forgot the URL or could not find the tools in the system.

Then I came a cross this Scratchpad built into Firefox itself. I was not aware of this tool for all the time I am using FireBug for debugging. And I found this Scratchpad has a "Pretty Print" button. ^_^ How nice, a code beautifier is right there!

The output is good and I don't need to remember anything, except the shortcut "Shift+F4", I think I will use it a lot!
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