Friday, February 21, 2014

A Slackware banner logo for rEFInd Boot Manager

The default rEFInd boot manager's logo causing the boot screen to have a white background, as rEFInd use the color of banner image's the top left corner pixel as its background color. I would like to have a black one, so I try to create a boot logo for it with a black background.
I would like to have a Slackware logo display on the boot screen, look at the the logos from "Slackware Banners, Logos, Propaganda" page, I like this one

But it is a little small and scaling it up does not look nice, I tried to vectorized it with Potrace but the result does not look good. Searching around for the font use in the image, and found out it is computer modern typewriter text. There is this project Computer Modern Unicode fonts that has the computer modern font converted from Khuth's famous TeX fonts. Now I need to use a vector drawing program, I know inkscape could do it, and proceed to install it and all its dependencies with the help of sbopkg. The installation went well.
Here is the result:

The svg source could be downloaded here.

There is a SlackBuild script for rEFInd now. The logo's png and svg source are included in the build script.

Enjoy ^_^

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